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Scenario 66 - Caught in the Storm

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

You finally got her running; that 1975 rusted out POS Jeep CJ-5 that you bought from your friend’s grandmother. She’s got a 232 in-line 6 with a 3–speed manual transmission, both leaking oil from every possible location. Who care’s, she’s yours and she is running. Time to take her to the trails! You run in and scream to your wife that you will be home in a few. She screams back...

“You better put the top on that thing, there’s a storm coming. You sure you don’t want to wait till it passes?”

Wait? Is she crazy? Besides, the top is in tatters anyway. Hell, it’s a jeep, who needs a top? Besides, the trail’s not that far and you know that you can surely be back before the storm hits.

The first two times through that mud puddle put a big stupid grin on your face. Damn that storm is close. Once more, just once more and then straight to the house. You turn around and hit the gas and slosh mud all over the place. Man that’s fun…until she stutters to a halt.

Crap. You figure, almost immediately, that some water probably got into the distributor cap. Quick fix. You hop out and open the hood and lean it against the windshield. The wind is gusting strong by now, the rain has started and lighting is striking dangerously close. You hate when your wife is right. You reach in to remove the distributor cap and a violent gust of wind catches the hood like a sail. You are not fast enough and the hood slams down on your wrist. You didn’t just feel it, you heard your wrist snap. The pain is searing. All the while, the storm has intensified. You realize that, in your haste, you left your cell phone at the house.

Jeep not running, rain beating down, wind howling, lightening striking, wrist broken, no cell phone, wife was right.

Well ain’t this just the best day of your life!

What’s your move?

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