Scenario 67 - The Fall of Rome

Updated: May 29, 2021

You've had a late night out with a new client. They're staying at a hotel on the outskirts of your city and you opted to meet them at the hotel bar so they could avoid city traffic. Things were going great but it was dying down in the bar and you were getting ready to head home. As you wait at the bar to cash out, the power suddenly goes out in the hotel. Instantly, the room is bathed in the dull glow of emergency lighting however within a minute, the power comes back on, then the building fire alarms activate.

Everyone rushes outside and it immediately becomes apparent that this fire alarm has gone off in the other nearby establishments as well. The bar across street and the restaurant next door both have crowds gathering in the parking lots, as does the hotel opposite of yours. How bizarre, you think to yourself.

Chaos aside, you wrap up with your client in the parking lot, laughing about the situation.

Walking to your car, you go to send a text to your spouse letting them know you're on the way - the screen flashes NO SERVICE. You’re only 45 minutes from home, and definitely in a coverage area. Something must be wrong with your phone, but rebooting it didn't help. And, to make matters worse, now the tornado sirens have just started going off. It's not bad weather, wonder what the hell is happening.

Almost immediately you start to see helicopters on the horizon, hovering over your home city, spotlights dancing in the night. It's incredible how bright those lights are, they must be 10 miles or more from where you are. Panic setting in, you can see various areas of the sky illuminated with a soft orange glow. Turning on the radio in the car, static, next station, static, next... same. No working radio stations? This is a scary situation, you're in the dark about what is happening in your city and you have no means of communication with the family.

Crap, the normal route into the city is blocked by police, going to need to try another route. You keep driving but the next road in is also blocked.

You have no route in town yet & communication blackout. Spouse is home and kids are at a weekend camp retreat.

What's your move?

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