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Scenario 69 - Get Out Fast

Updated: May 29, 2021

A knock at the door just after dinner startles you. You weren't expecting anyone and your hands are dripping from washing dishes. Before you finish drying wiping the mess from your hands, another, more frantic knock. "Hold on, coming!" but the pound becomes more incessant. As you get to the door you see the flicker red and blue light through the window.

Opening the door reveals a police officer insisting you gather your family and pets and leave immediately - get in the car and go now. A dangerous natural gas leak could result in an explosion any moment, no time for questions.

You've gotta go right now, no time to pack up important items around the house, you don't even have the luxury of slowing down to think about what you should do... Just go. This could very likely be resolved in a few hours, or it could take days for repair. But, you only have what you can grab you on your way out.

Are you prepped enough to have a bug out bag already in the vehicle or staged to by your exit? Or are you leaving empty handed

Have you thought about something like this before so you could react quickly, or will the shock leave you with analysis paralysis?

What's your move?

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