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Scenario 7 - OPSEC Failure

Updated: May 29, 2021

2 Months Post-Collapse

Late one evening, just after the sun has set, you hear loud screaming outside. You quickly turn off your solar light and peek out of the window trying hard not to be seen. There is a mob of 30-40 people in your front yard yelling for you to come out. After a brief observation, you realize the majority of the crowd is people from your neighborhood.

There's only one person in the neighborhood that knows you prep, she's your friend across the street who is new to prepping but you trust she would never say anything about all the things you had stored (partially because she only knows about a small percentage of your supplies for OPSEC reasons). You come to the conclusion that the neighbors have realized you are flourishing and your family seems fine and well fed during this disaster. There is the neighborhood hell-fire/God-fearing family in front of the mob hyping them up about how you haven't shared or distributed what you had with the rest of the community; saying that what you have done is the devil's work and you and your family should be killed and all your things taken.

Panic and anger and rages inside you. You think to yourself - 'Why do unprepared, helpless people always think everything is owed to them? I actually took the time to make sure my family would be safe during SHTF and here are these peasants threatening your life because they didn't prepare for this themselves.' Blood boiling, you grab your rifle and prepare to face the crowd.


  • You are limited to just the gear you own now. (No fantasy weapons - you don't have a belt-fed machine gun mounted to a lookout tower on your roof)

  • Some of the people in the mob are carrying firearms, others have axes, bats, sledgehammers, and some have torches.

  • You have a wife and 2 kids inside.

What's your move?

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