Scenario 70 - Saving Christmas

Updated: May 29, 2021


It's Christmas!! But on a frikkin' Wednesday which means you got work tomorrow. So, to save you the burden of dishes you get Christmas dinner catered. Everyone's slowly making their way to the house. Your crazy uncle is complaining about how his BMW was getting dinged up on the gravel road leading to your house, kids are screaming, Home Alone on repeat... Yep it's here. Whatever.

Anyways, you're entertaining your family but keep your eye on your watch because the food was supposed to drop off the food 30mins ago. You finally call up the caterer to see what's going on. They tell you the driver is stuck on the side of the road with a flat. And he's an hour out.

Christmas is ruined, where's the Jack? And, to make matters worse you just lost power. Bad weather causes problems with power in your area all the time. This is a nightmare, but you're the host. Thinking of what to do, you come up with a wild idea... use your prep supplies.

What do you have in your inventory that you can use to help save Christmas?

What's your move?

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