Scenario 71 - Closed Without Warning

Updated: May 29, 2021

The day started the same as any other. A good cup of coffee, a new episode of @joerogan podcast, on to work. And, just as predicted, the daily traffic jam. But you show up and see a coworker furiously burning out as he turns out of the parking lot. What was that all about? Parking lot is looking awfully light today too. Did you miss a memo?

Walking up to the door, you can see a sign in the window... "Sorry, We're Closed For Ever!" This can't be, there's been no talk about anything remotely like this in the office. And you're really close with the boss and would've heard something. You call his cell phone and it goes straight to voicemail. Going home confused, you try calling a few other people to see what the hell is going on and none of your coworkers know anything.

Later in the day, you get an email from the owner of the company stating that the company has gone under due to a bad move by the organization's accountant. The company's assets are frozen and there will be no final paycheck.

You're out of a job and now have no health insurance for the family.

What's your move?

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