Scenario 72 - Retail Ablaze

Updated: May 29, 2021

Finishing up a Sunday morning run to the store for some groceries for the week. Seemed to be a very ordinary morning, and you're more invested in your IG feed than your shopping list as you walk through the isles of Walmart.

Crap, forgot the ketchup. As you head back to the grab the missing item, you hear 5 distinct pops coming from different areas of the store. Weird, almost sounded like people were lighting off fire crackers at the exact same time. Immediately following the pops is a loud hissing sound. Within seconds you start seeing thick clouds of smoke rising above the isles. The clouds keep growing, it doesn't look like large fires anywhere but the smoke keeps filling the building like a thick fog rolling in.

The sound of violent coughing begins to fill the store as dense as the smoke. You can see people emerging from the smoke coughing blood. Others begin reacting violently, convulsing on the floor.

What is happening here? You read this morning that Department of Homeland Security updated the Terrorism Threat Advisory System in the wake of the air strikes on Iran. Could this be a coordinated biological attack? What if this was happening at Walmarts all over the country simultaneously?

Don't lose focus, you're in the clear but smoke is moving towards you rapidly. You need to get out now, there's complete panic and chaos in the path of the door. Grocery carts jamming the exits because people were trying to get their groceries out the door. Pushing and shoving has lead to some getting trampled trying to escape.

Oh shit! Lights just went out. What now? Have you been exposed? If you get out, should you stay and wait for emergency crews to arrive and get checked out, do you get as far away as possible? So much running through your head.

What's your move?

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