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Scenario 73 - Over the Bridge and Through the Woods

Updated: May 29, 2021

You work in New Orleans at a ship yard and you’ve been held up for a few days because of riots, fighting, and craziness which were a direct result of martial law being enacted as the gov tried to take the guns of the people. The confiscation failed and a mini war broke out between gangs, 2A supporters, militia groups, ANTIFA, and the police. Total chaos.

You have been camped out on the top floor of a business building monitoring things below, you have taken advantage of the wide field of view. But, you've just about stripped all the desk drawers and vending machines of food. It's time to get out of there and head to your parents house on foot. It's not too far away. But as you've seen, cars are targets right now so walking makes you an easy target and you’ll surely be stopped.

The bigger issue is the 5 mile bridge over a huge lake you have to cross to get back to the other side and out of the craziness. The bridge is guarded by a gang on your side and the police have been scattered, not making any impact on the terror in the city. The gangs have been shooting or stealing from all people trying to escape. Your got your bug out bag with about 3 days of supplies.

The bridge would be a quick way across but incredibly dangerous and you'd have little to no cover save for a few abandoned cars. Going around could take weeks of walking because of the lake's size. The docks are a danger zone with police and gang presence. Aside from dwindling supplies where you're at, it's only a matter of time before you're found.

What’s your move?

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