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Scenario 74 - Yellow Jackets

Updated: May 29, 2021

The yellow jacket (aka ground hornet), Vespula spp., is a highly aggressive insect with an extremely painful sting. They live in nests in the ground and attack in swarms when their nests are disturbed.

Anaphylaxis – a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It can occur within seconds of exposure to something that you might be allergic to, such as hornet stings.

Your next-door neighbor is a nice guy but an outdoorsman he is not. His 11-year old son, however, wanted very much to be. You agree to take him squirrel hunting. Your neighbor brings him over early on Saturday morning and says that he really appreciates it. The kid is about to pee himself with excitement. You drive out to a spot where you are sure to see squirrels and show him how to use the single-shot 410 that you killed your first squirrel with. You set up in an area of mixed oak and pine and tell him to wait and listen. You hear the familiar rustling of leaves and whisper “over there”. The kid raises the shotgun and “bang” his first squirrel falls to the ground. He gives out a cheer that probably scared away every other squirrel within 5 miles but it is worth it just to remember when you shot your first. “Well, go get it”, you say and off he goes. You watch him as he approaches the base of the tree where the squirrel fell and then he starts screaming in pain and swatting at something. You rush to him knowing almost for certain that he has stumbled on a nest of ground hornets. They are mean and aggressive and hurt like hell. You know from experience. You run to the boy and pull him away, taking a few stings yourself. You run fast and far knowing that the hornets are going to follow for a while getting in every chance to sting.

You finally get away and start to chuckle saying to the kid, “Well that was a good blend of fun and suck at the same time.” The kid does not reply. You turn and see that the kids face is swelling quickly and that he appears to be having difficulty breathing.


This is not good.

What’s your move?

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