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Scenario 75 - Broken Glass

Updated: May 29, 2021

I don’t think anyone knew what was happening but all of a sudden there were sirens blaring and explosions in the distance. A security guard came running through the office screaming...

“Get out of the building! Get out of the building! NOW!”

The fire alarm sounded and you saw that people were starting to panic. You grab your “get home bag” and sprint to the staircase. No way you’re getting on that elevator. Down the stairs and out the door! Explosions and bullets flying! You take cover and reach for your glasses so that you can see what the hell is going on and how to get the hell out of the shit. Crap! You left your glasses on your desk. The Get Home Bag! You wisely keep an extra pair in your Get Home Bag. You open the bag to retrieve them but they are not there. You suddenly realize that you took them out a couple of weeks ago when you left your glasses at home and forgot to put them back.

This ain’t good. In the middle of the shit and can’t see squat!

What’s your move?

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