Scenario 78 - I Snagged My Bag

Updated: May 29, 2021

Shit has hit the fan and you are on day 3 of your trek home from your work location 250 miles away. Unfortunately chaos ensued quicker than you thought it would so people are on edge already robbing, pillaging, attacking, and raiding. Everywhere you have gone, prying eyes were on you because of bag you carried. This was your bug out bag which screamed survival, unlike your lighter get home bag, that was grey man, you usually carry when closer to home.

A small group of guys begin following and with your alert level on high, you immediately notice and pick up the pace. Rounding the corner, you start climbing a fence at the back of the alley to set some distance. As you clear the top and dismount, the bottom of your bag catches a sharp part of the fence. Your gear bursts from the bottom of the bag like a piñata. You stare at all of your gear spread on the ground, horrified and frozen. Adrenaline is rushing, these guys are closing fast.

You only have time to grab a few items and run. How do you handle this situation? What do you grab? Your bag needs repair if you plan on trying to gather more items on your way home. How do you repair it?

What's your move?

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