Scenario 79 - We Want Your Food

Updated: May 29, 2021

You are 2 months into a quarantine you thought would only last 2 weeks. A bizarre new virus spread rapidly throughout the country with a 20% mortality rate. The government declared a nationwide lockdown and would only let people leave to go to the stores for food and pharmaceuticals.

Initially, the retail shops were rushed because the trucks were only coming in once a week so the majority of people had no food. Luckily you and your spouse have been prepping for over a year so you have plenty of items to keep the family (wife, son, husband) fed, washed, and safe during this quarantine.

You head outside one day in a tank top to take out trash. Your neighbor, who doesn’t know you prep, comes up and says hey man you look like you haven’t lost any weight at all. Stunned and pissed that you made this mistake you response with “yeah maybe just luck”. You continued to get grilled with questions. The man says you need to give my family some food because we are all out. You simply respond that you barely have anything.

The next day you notice someone neighbors with eyes on your house; even worse your sons tells you one of his neighborhood friends said we can’t play any more unless your dad gives us food. Great, using kids to do dirty work. Not a moment later you hear a knock on the door.... the man is standing there with a .45, and a few other neighbors demanding food for their families.

What's your move?

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