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Scenario 8 - First Strike

Updated: May 29, 2021

It's a typical Sunday afternoon. You're out running an errand and as you walk out of a store you see three distinctive smoke trails heading straight up, not too far in this distance.

Immediately you know what it is, but you question it in your head with hopes that you can debunk your thoughts of what you're witnessing. Is this a science experiment? Perhaps large fireworks? It can't be the unthinkable... There hasn't even been anything crazy in the news lately to warrant this? Why?? So after playing the denial game, you snap back to reality and accept what's really just happened. More questions come to you. We're we attacked? Is this a counter strike or a first offensive? If we threw the first blow, does that mean inbound missiles are coming? How much time do we have? You say to yourself "I gotta get home"... you know your family is there but do you stop anywhere on the way?

You start thinking about the "whys" again, maybe it was a cyber-attack and some group took control over our nuclear defense system, or war games gone wrong.

You recall that there's a military installment just over 10 miles away, must be where some of those launched from.

What's your plan? Remember to analyze the facts, what you've observed vs what you've thought are two different things.

What's your move?

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