Scenario 80 - 3 Tests will be Conducted

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

We're now 15 weeks into the COVID-19 outbreak in the US. We've been through 2 waves of quarantines so far but as people return to work and begin attempting normal lives (despite the shortages at the retail store), counts begin to skyrocket again - exponentially worse than the previous times the 'Stay at Home' orders have been terminated.

The fed gov't realized that more draconian measures are necessary to curb the spread of this terrifying disease and 'flatten the curve'. Horror stories on social media have been rampant inducing panic. DOD working in conjunction DHS and FEMA to setup quarantine camps all over the country; movement of military vehicles and gear into areas that would've otherwise only been able to see the likes of this via the internet; and thousands of National Guard and Reserves activated, at first to provide additional medical assistance but now to provide armed protection for test sites, quarantine camps, laboratories, and vaccine production facilities and this time with private contractors in the mix. POTUS continues to deny these claims labeling them fake news to reduce unnecessary panic, but people no longer believe it.

One positive to come out this is the ability to offer quicker drive up testing. These test centers have been setup along many county borders to control the community spread. You are on a drive into the next county over to check on your elderly mother, and deliver some supplies and encounter one of these new test sites.

You see the flashing lights indicating to pull in. You can see two large white tents, and military Humvees. Testing personnel are donned head to toes in PPE, N95 masks, face shields, gloves, gowns, booties... the works. As you enter, they're yelling orders at you through your closed window.

"3 tests will be conducted and results will be communicated within 24-48 hours from testing staff."

A nose swab was taken for the flu, throat swab for strep, and a long tube down the throat for C-19. Next your temp was taken, immediately you were asked to leave your vehicle. Armed guards approach and order you to get on a school bus parked alongside the tents.

What's your move?

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