Scenario 81 - Hop Zombies

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

We called them Hop Zombies based on the goofy way they moved. Some kind of hop, skip, jump thing. That didn’t mean they weren’t dangerous as hell, just goofy looking. They weren’t the brightest of zombies and though rather fast, they weren’t particularly hard to kill. At least individually. But in packs, that’s when things got dangerous. Kind of like a wolf pack. One wolf you could probably deal with but when they work as a pack… something was probably going to die.

They’re most common strategy was to run a group or individual into a building, up on a roof or something and then pretend to retreat. When the person or persons thought it was safe to leave, the pack would let them get a little ways away then send a smaller zombie gang to chase the group right into an ambush.

People didn’t last long by themselves so associations formed quickly. The problem was that the associations didn’t last very long either, as individuals were slowly picked off one by one. Once we figured out the zombie pack strategy, we then had a bit of a respite and were able to forge and resupply, occasionally picking up a survivor to bolster the groups numbers. I was a survivor and had very recently joined a group of other survivors. The zombie pack, however, was adapting and constantly trying new strategies until they found one that worked and the cycle started all over again and attrition depleted the groups.

Well it wasn’t long until a zombie pack had our group boxed in a strip mall storefront. After a while, and as usual, the zombies retreated. Our group was pretty strong in numbers at the time, about fifteen. I asked one of the “leaders” how their group had managed to stay strong for so long, considering that most other groups were eventually picked apart. “We make sacrifices,” he said, “And you have been ‘voted’ as our next sacrifice, New Guy.” “That’s how we survive, we send those new to our group out so that we can see how the zombies respond, thus allowing us to adjust our strategies”. “Now whether you want to or not, there are 15 of us and 1 of you. You take your chance with us or you take your chance with the zombies.”

I have my AR-15 and a full mag locked and loaded. 15 stand before me with rifles, knives, shotguns, pistols and assorted arms.

What’s your move?

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