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Scenario 82 - Twister

Updated: May 29, 2021

A close friend is moving into a new place. He's recruited you and a couple other guys to help with the process with the traditional offering of beer and pizza. The new place is about 55 min away, straight shot down a county highway. Its a long boring stretch of road with very little scenery and even fewer exits along the way.

The skies are getting ominously dark which is unexpected because Alexa told you it was going to be sunny out all day today. You can smell it coming with every strong wind that blows, and clearly it's moving in your direction. The hot steamy morning air that made your loading experience all sorts of fun has been replaced with a refreshingly cool breeze. Where was this weather for the last 3 hours while you were sweating like a pig.

A slight drizzle accelerates the process of leaving your friends old house. He borrowed a few work trucks and a box truck from his boss to avoid rental fees. A lot of his stuff is in the back of the pickups and will get wet if we don't leave now. Unfortunately, we're heading the exact direction as the clouds are blowing. If we hurry, we can beat the storm and get unloaded before the downpour hits us.

Driving along, it quickly became apparent that out-running the storm was not as likely as originally thought. Your friend leading the pack in the 26' box truck was having a very hard time handling the ever increasing wind and was not even doing 45mph. Go figure, nobody else got the address to put into Google maps.

Without warning, the skies opened up, rain making it almost impossible to see even with the wipers on their highest speed. You can just barely make out the sounds of sirens going over the intensity of the rain. You crack the window to confirm, but get drenched in the process. Your friend starts squawking on your Motorola walkie-talkies...

"It's getting too crazy, I need to pull over for a few minutes."

As the radio chirps that the message has concluded, you catch something in your mirror. A tornado barreling down the road, directly at your caravan. There's not another exit coming for miles and this thing seems to be catching up fast.

What's your move?

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