Scenario 83 - Election Chaos

Updated: May 29, 2021

The 2020 election has recently passed. Thousands of people, upset by the results took to the streets to show their disapproval. As history has shown, protests turn to riots, looting, destruction and violence. Cities all over America have been all but destroyed. The volume and frequency of these riots have completely overwhelmed the capacity of the local law enforcement. National guard has been called in to many areas to slow the spread of the destruction and preserve what's left of so many big cities. Their approach in handling these crowds has only fueled the fire. With both the guard and LEO presence spread incredibly thin, and rioters not feeling as though their message is being heard. Many groups begin leaving the cities and spreading to suburban and rural areas. We're experiencing turmoil on a scale never before seen in the country since the Civil War. Without rule of law, the rioters grow increasingly violent no longer fear legal repercussion for their actions. Homes all across the country being looted, ravaged and burned to the ground.

Following the news and your social media feeds, you can track the movement of the groups local to your position. While unorganized, lacking leadership, and chaotic, it's clear your neighborhood is in the direct path of a group about 50-70 strong. They're probably about 2-3 days away from you if the continue moving on their current trajectory.

Do you bug out while you can taking all your worldly possession with you?

Do you organize your neighborhood, gather your weapons, band together and prepare to defend?

Or just wait to be burned out of house and home?

What's your move?

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