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Scenario 85 - The First Strike

Updated: May 29, 2021

You've seen a few stories on YouTube and in your social media feeds about Chinese troops in Canada. Bizarre, there's been absolutely nothing on news/mainstream media about it. You wonder if it's true. Every day and still the same sources repeating the stories but nothing concrete. Lots of people online asking the same questions that you have You're skeptical, but it leaves an uneasy feeling for you because you're only a few hundred miles from the area where there's supposedly 75,000 troops stationed.

A few days go by and you're no longer seeing this in your news feed. Just home from work, you jump in the shower and begin your routine. Halfway through shampooing your hair and the lights in your bathroom shutoff. Frustrated, you finish up in the dark. Getting out to dry off, you reach for your phone to turn on the flash for some illumination while you finish up. For some reason the phone isn't on, battery must have died, and damn power is out so you can't charge it. After getting dressed and lighting a few candles, you decide to head out to your car to plug your phone in to charge. For some reason, the keyfob won't unlock the doors. You start connecting the dots in your head and a very unsettling hunch sets in.

It becomes clear that there has been an EMP, the cars stopped in the road confirmed your suspicions. The next few days are very odd and you're still in panic mode know life as you know it is over. Sitting in front of your fireplace for warmth, pondering how you will get food and water to survive when the supply in your home runs out your thoughts are interrupted by gun fire in the streets. This was not just a gunshot, but many. You're counting but after the first 10 that you can hear and the following screams of terror, you give up. Now it's a matter of controlling your heart rate.

You don't know what to do, there's gun fire, screaming, and now the low rumble of heavy vehicles passing your house. Could it be that the US is being invaded and you're stuck smackdab in the middle? All signs point to yes.

What's your move?

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