Scenario 86 - The Electric Slide

Updated: May 29, 2021

It's been a long day of strong wind and torrential downpours. You've just started home from work and the rain has let up, but the roads are still very wet. Not 15 minutes into your drive and you hit a low spot on the ground where the water has pooled up.

You're vehicle breaks grip and hydroplanes, you immediately feel the loss of purchase with the road. You start to fishtail and eventually skid off the road, violently bouncing around as you cross through the ditch. Your hands are stripped from the wheel as it curbs hard to the right. And, while it felt like forever, it took only a second before you struck the pole. You hit hard, between 45-50 mph, the wooden pole splintered and then cracked, as it fell it pushed your vehicle back almost 10 feet under its weight.

Stunned, but okay, you realize your car is wrapped in live power lines. To make matters worse, there's a power line touching the wet ground. You're stuck.

First responders arrive, but can't approach the vehicle, they park far away and speak over their PA notifying you that they're waiting for confirmation from the utility company that the line is de-energized before they can approach to help. It's hard to yell back, still recovering from the wind being knocked out of you, but the smell of gas fumes is getting more potent every second.

What's your move?

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