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Scenario 9 - Midnight Hostage

Updated: May 29, 2021

3 Months Post-Collapse

You've hunkered down in your suburban home just outside a big city. You've stored enough food and water for your self for about a year and would be just fine to sit tight where you're at. Unfortunately, boredom & curiosity begins to take their toll on you mentally. You decide to grab your Go Bag and and head to the city for some scavenging and scouting (against your gut feeling). You make it to the city and start looking for any sign of hope for other civilization or supplies, maybe some extra water and food. Suddenly, WACK! You feel a sharp pain on the back of your head and collapse to the ground. You roll over, your vision fading and you see a figure standing over you as you pass out.

You wake up tied to a chair in a dark room. You are surrounded by 3 large men. After a quick analysis, you notice your bag is on the floor with its contents spilled out, all 3 men are armed, and you are on a higher floor of a building in the city. It's obvious to them that you are prepared because of the organization and contents of the bag. You feel something in your boot and realize you still have a folding knife you shoved in there before you left. They begin to beat you and demand you to take them to your stash or they will kill you. They ask if you're a prepper and want details on your preps, threatening torture if you refuse to talk.


  • You have a pistol with 2 mags over by your bag.

  • You don't know if there are more "bad guys" in the building.

  • You have no family at home.

  • 1 "bad guy" has an AR the other two carry hang guns.

  • You were roughly 7 miles from home when you were first attacked, but you don't know how far they've taken you.

What's your move?

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