Scenario 88 - The Hike

Updated: May 27, 2021

The big project is over. No more 60-hour workweeks and living off of coffee and adrenaline. You gotta get out of the office. Gotta get out of town. Time to use some vacation days! There is this hiking trail about two hours drive away. Solitude. Ravines. Waterfalls. Wildlife. You are loaded up and on the way in no time.

You arrive at the trailhead and happily notice that there are no other vehicles there. No real surprise considering it’s a Wednesday morning. Excellent, it is just going to be you and Nature.

The first hour of the hike was exactly what your soul needed. The scenic overlooks, the creeks and streams, and the waterfalls – beautiful!

O.K., you know you told yourself no social media but you just have to get a pic of you standing at the edge of that ravine. You drop your pack, grab your phone and look for the best place to pose. There is that one spot that would be perfect. It may be a bit precarious but what a great pic it’s going to make. You start to work your way to the spot but quickly notice that the path is quite slippery and the gravel is loose. O.K., time to turn around and find another place. As you start to turn you feel your feet slip out from under you and you go down. All the way down. Over the edge down.

You land on an outcropping maybe just ten feet or so from the edge where you were standing. You are in pain, a lot of pain.

You look at your right leg and see the shinbone sticking through the skin.

You cannot find your phone. You look around trying to find it and see it below you on a little rock shelf, maybe four feet away. The bottom of the ravine is still quite a ways down.

You breathe deeply, calm yourself and then assess.

You have the following items with you:

  • Your hiking boots with laces

  • Shorts, shirt, undies, socks and a belt

  • Multi-tool

  • Lighter

  • Bandanna

There are various sticks and stones available to you.

What’s your move?

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