Scenario 89 - The Cannibals, Part 1

Updated: May 27, 2021

Part 1

A major CME event, larger in scale than the Carrington Event of 1859 led to absolute destruction of the vast majority of the Northern Hemisphere. 22 months after the CME, most had perished either from starvation, dehydration, or violent crime. You, a now 52-year-old man/woman, have been a survival instructor for 20 years. Roughly 6 months back, you made the tough decision to leave your bug out retreat because a large group of marauders had begun to move in. Now being a lone wolf, you could not defend the property and your belongings yourself so you set out in search of a new location. You have been living off the land, hunting and scavenging what you could. However, the stress and lack of proper nutrition has taken its toll on you.

At this point, small civilizations have sprung up raising livestock, chickens, growing food, etc. Marauders made short work of most of these groups, but when you stumble upon one you cannot help but stop to try to secure some food and a decent night’s rest.

The guards at this most recent spot are suspiciously friendly when you approach. You explain you are hungry and tired, and they let you in to do some bartering. Seems to be around 80-90 people strong, but there's some strange people here, very jumpy.

Butchers are cooking up chickens (for a price) and there is even some alcohol. You walk up to the makeshift bar and set your pack down. You trade some leather and gloves you found for a few pieces of chicken and a shot of whiskey. The chicken tastes rich but it's hot and fresh so your scarf it down. When you finish, the man says, the trade was unfair, I want more. Reluctantly, you go to grab your pack and its GONE. Someone has taken it from right under your nose. You look up and say, sir someone stole my gear! He holds up a double barell and says ”Too bad, not my problem, figure out how to pay up around here”.

Panic, fear, split second decision, was that even chicken I ate?


You have a lighter, bench made knife, cordage, some paper clips, tinder, and a .22LR revolver (tucked in your belt) with only 6 rounds.

What's your move?

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