Scenario 91 - Wish I knew how to work that Baofeng!

Updated: May 27, 2021

Today is the day, you've been waiting for this for a long time. Your good buddy (the one friend that you get to talk about prepping with) just bought himself a remote plot of land about on a river. It's about 2 hours from the town you guys live in. You both have talked about it forever.. "when I finally get land we're gonna build a bug out cabin, we can go fishing/hunting whenever we want." But it's official, today's the first time you'll get to see the land to start clearing trees and building a foundation for the cabin.

A few hours into work and one of the 2 chainsaws he brought suffered a chain failure. Making the decision to leave and drive 35 minutes to the nearest store with the part was not easy. He's going to need to leave you on-site to keep working to ensure the day wasn't a complete waste, but you'd have no ride out and no cell service out in the boonies.

"No biggie, I got this!"

Not 20 minutes after he left, you had the base of a large maple was split. When you started cutting into it with the working chainsaw, a thick root popped up with amazing force, it bucked the chainsaw back and hit you right in your left calf. It's a pretty deep wound and bleeding profusely.

You're now stuck out in the middle of nowhere, the only first aid kit in the truck that's almost 30 min away (first of many mistakes). You only have a few supplies with including his Baofeng radio. If this radio is your only lifeline right now, would you know what to do?

What's your move?

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