Scenario 96 - Fools Rush In

You have waited long enough. You have watched videos, you have read magazines, and you have spoken to many, many owners. You are going to buy your first Jeep!

You go new instead of used. Go big or go home right!

All out…Rubicon loaded. Oh yeah, look out desert here you come!

You know that you are a newbie and probably should hit the trail with an experienced Jeeper, but the temptation to take it straight into the desert is just too much. Straight from the dealership, straight to the first trail you can find.

O.K., this is more fun than you anticipated. You successfully try some of the things you have seen Jeeps do on the videos and gain some confidence. You especially remember the video of a Jeep speeding through the sand dunes. What the hell, go for it!

You make it about 20ft before you bury your new jeep to its axles. Try as you may, you ain’t getting unstuck.

Time to call for help but you find that you have no cell signal. Come to think of it, you don’t even know where you are.

In your haste and excitement it never occurred to you to get water and supplies or a map.

You feel rather childish and know you’re probably in a world of hurt. You have some desert survival knowledge but it is all from a book, no real experience.

“Fools rush in” they say.

What’s your move?

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