Scenario 94 - Serious as a Heart Attack

Updated: May 27, 2021

Last night brought a snowfall like you've never seen. The storm seemed to manifest out of nowhere and there wasn't much warning. Not a big deal though, you're plenty stocked up to manage the storm for a few days. Still have power so everything is gravy, but you gotta shovel a trail outside for the dog to go to the bathroom.

After downing your morning cup of coffee, you put your boots on and head outside. Immediately you take in your surroundings. Aside from being blinded by the light glaring off the snow covered ground you realize the road through is completely overtaken by deep snow. No plows have come through and it's so deep nobody has even attempted to drive down your street.

You're not the only one out shoveling, your neighbor is across the street clearing his driveway. You give the nod and he waves back. A few minutes into shoveling and you catch your neighbor fall over. Chuckling at first because he slipped in the snow, but it's only a moment before it becomes apparent that he's genuinely in trouble.

Rushing through the deep snow as you cross your street, you can see he's clutching his chest as he lays on the ground groaning. He's having a heart attack. Can happen easily from snow shoveling unfortunately. But what to do? There's no way an ambulance is going to get here through all this snow.

What's your move?

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