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Scenario 98 - International Affairs

Updated: May 27, 2021

You got lucky, only 1 of 4 selected to represent your company for an international client meeting in Samsung Digital City in South Korea. You've been trying really hard the last few months, hopeful you'd be part of the travel team. Well, moments ago, you touched down at Incheon Airport. The wait to exit the plane feels like it's taking forever, you spend the last few minutes touching up your presentation while people clear out. You're not looking forward to lugging your carry on bag around the airport, it's packed to the brim with work documents and manuals that you were studying on the long flight. No room for personal items. The time has come though, you barely fit your laptop back in the bag and exit terminal 2 and head for Quarantine Inspection. After filling out the questionnaire, you head over to Immigration Inspection. By the time you make your way to pickup your luggage at Baggage Claim, you realize you didn't time out taking your prescription well and your overdue. Need to get your bag as soon as possible and take those pills. Normally you'd have them with you, but the carry on was to full.

Waiting in Baggage Claim after what felt like the longest process ever, it's starting to seem like you've been there an awfully long time. Everyone else has already picked up their bags and left. After 30 minutes of frustration and waiting, you head to the Lost and Found Office and struggle to communicate with the staff. Seems like you're getting nowhere. Not only are you late for taking your meds, but going to be late for the client introduction event they had planned for your team.

2 hours go by, you have used Google translate to finally get someone to help and you find out your your had gotten put on the wrong plane and is still in the air heading to another country. You have to get your anxiety meds fast because things are not going well.

At this point you are stuck with no luggage except your work laptop, phone and wallet; overdue for meds; and unable to leave until Lost and Found follows up with you about what country your bag is in.

What's your move?

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