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Scenario 99 - Elevator Distress

Tonight should be a good time, all your coworkers are getting together at for a housewarming party for the receptionist. Her new apartment is on the 23rd floor of a city apartment building.

You show up a few minutes early and jump in the elevator with a another woman, but it's not one of your coworkers. You give a friendly nod and begin to ask her to hit 23, but as you start speaking she reaches and presses the very button you're looking for.

"You live in the building?" you ask.

"Nope, just visiting my best friend for a party." she replies.

"We might be heading to the same place. Is it Ana by chance?" you add.

"Yess, haha, small world, I've know Ana since since high-school."

As you're just getting started with some friendly small talk, a loud bang reverberates through the elevator shaft and you stop dead in your tracks. The jarring stop instantly started your adrenaline flowing. But as you look over at your new friend, she's already hyperventilating. You start talking to her to bring her down but she's trembling and can't even speak intelligibly. You call for help and they tell you that fire department is on the way but it's going to be a bit for them to get to you. Meanwhile, you're stuck in the elevator with someone who clearly has a major phobia of being stuck in an elevator.

What's your move?

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