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Weekend Skill Drill | Blackout

Disasters strike when you least expect it. Impromptu training exercises are the single most effective way to prepare for a disaster. Use some weekend time to get ready for a blackout.

Summer is fast approaching and many areas are prone to power outages due to the accompanying weather. Beyond mother nature, there are plenty of unpredictable causes that can quickly result in massive power outages including vehicle accidents, animal outages, and faulty equipment.

To see if you have what it takes to deal with an extended power outage, subject yourself to one this weekend. Flip the breaker and rely on what you have in terms of gear and skills to manage.

Breakout your blackout box and test your supplies.

❓Did your supplies serve their intended purpose?

❓Would they survive rugged/repeat use?

❓Did you have enough supplies to get through the test?

❓What didn't you have that you needed?

❓How long would your supplies last you if it was a real emergency?

If you don't have a blackout box, swipe over and get some ideas from our Preparedness Mission Codename - "Lights Out". Building your supply box should be step one, testing it is step 2.

If you're brave enough to give it a go, make sure you focus on the most essential of items.

📍How will you prepare and preserve food? (Don't turn off the power to your fridge unless you want to throw a bunch of food away.)

📍How will you illuminate areas of your home for safety?

📍Do you have personal lighting tools (flashlights/headlamps) to allow you to continue doing necessary tasks in the dark?

📍What other major systems are compromised due to loss of power? HVAC, Security Systems, Well Pump, O2 Pump/CPAP/Other Essential Medical, Sump/Ejector Pump, Etc...

📍How will you maintain sanity for a spouse trying to sleep in a non-climate controlled room and kids without electronics?

For one of the more common scenarios to affect the vast majority of the readers of this post, preparing for a blackout is pretty much a "no brainer". Think of the amount you can learn from this exercise that can improve your ability to weather the storm next time it happens for real.

If you're already off grid, we'll see ya on the next one.

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