Scenario 1 - Is He a Scout?

Updated: May 29, 2021

You're about 6 weeks into a major national disaster. Grid is down, and the supply chain has been broken since the 3rd day. Stores near you have been picked bare and international aid has started arriving but they're only able to deliver to a few maintained coastal cities with large sea ports. Transportation of the goods is limited to a very small radius around these cities due to the dangers of travel. There have been roadblocks and ambush sites setup by newly formed gangs and bands of marauders. You are not in the area that's being provided aid and you're relying on your stocked up supplies to get you and your family by.

Your neighborhood has been relatively quiet for the duration so far but you've heard by word of mouth that a nearby town was raided by a very large force. A few local farms were picked clean of corn before the harvest was ready, homes were burned and looted, men were attacked or killed, wives and daughters kidnapped or worse.

A few days after getting the news, by the light of the moon, you see someone walking through your neighborhood with a rifle and a lot of gear. Despite their stealthy approach, you've spotted them and they've earned your attention. They look to be sneaking around and scoping out homes that appear to abandoned/unoccupied. You watch for a few minutes and see them stopping every few houses and hiding in a dark corner. It appears they're writing something down, but it's really hard to tell for sure due to the cover of night.

Could this be an advanced scouting party doing recon for this large team?

What's your move?

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