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Prepper Procrastination.jpg

ZDS Weekly Preparedness Mission

Assignment PR20.11.07


⚠️ Codename: Prepper Procrastination ⚠️



This mission is designed to encourage and motivate you to get some of those long overdue to-do items off your prepper list.

Maybe you need to re-inventory and rotate your food stock, or put together your car kit or build a Bug Out Bag. Perhaps you've been meaning to buy a generator, or get that rooftop water harvest system going. The point is to start this year strong with a sense of urgency to complete some of your "past the deadline" tasks.


The primary goal is to overcome the procrastination and excuses that have gotten in the way of your Prepping. The world is mad, bad things can happen at any moment. The time is now to kick your preps into high gear.

🔺Action Items

✅ Select your highest priority item from the list of options.
✅ Make a personal commitment to complete that task in 30 calendar days or less.
✅ Once complete, select the next item from your list.
✅ Again, complete it in 30 days or less.
✅ Continue selecting new items and chipping away at that list.

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