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ZDS Weekly Preparedness Mission

Assignment RR20.09.01

⚠️ Codename: Risk Review ⚠️



Many new preppers dive head first into this lifestyle with no real idea where to begin.  Most are influenced by YouTube videos and blog posts with suggestions from people that live completely different lifestyles, and to be honest, there's a lot of poor advice out there.  Someone brand new to prepping would struggle sifting through all the information out there and knowing what's good vs bad.


The idea of preparing for a zombie apocalypse is obviously more exciting than learning to becoming self-sufficient but it doesn't mean it's the right use of your time.  Identifying the scenarios most likely to occur and impact your life should be one of the most foundational steps of your planning.  Completing this exercise will ensure your focusing your money and efforts towards the right preps.

🔺Action Items

Make a list of every situation that you WANT to prepare for.  Next, analyze your lifestyle, geographic location, career, etc... and think of any potential risk that could impact your life as a result of these things.  These are the NEEDS.


It's critical to include more than just major situations, you'll want to think of ANY scenario that could result in hardships for you or your family.  That could include things like becoming ill, losing your job, or your car needing a new transmission.  Compare the wants vs needs list, rule out anything that makes no real sense.


Next, build a quadrant table, on one axis label 'Most Likely' & 'Least Likely', on the other axis label 'High Impact' & 'Low Impact'. Now, assign all of the scenarios you came up with into the appropriate quadrant.  With this information you're able to begin building your skills & inventory on situations in the 'Most Likely, High Impact' quadrant first. Now, move onto the 'Most Likely, Low impact', then 'Least Likely, High Impact'. You'll finish up with 'Least Likely, Low Impact'. This method of prioritizing your preparedness will save you from buying gear and learning skills that won't be relevant to the events you're most susceptible to.

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