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ZDS Weekly Preparedness Mission

Assignment RR20.10.16


⚠️ Codename: SNOWPOcalypse ⚠️



Many new preppers dive head first into this lifestyle with no real idea where to begin.  Most are influenced by YouTube videos Of all the things we focus our preparations on, one scenario that's often overlooked and much more likely than asteroids, mega quakes & the zombie apocalypse is the possibility of a snow storm or black ice putting you in a bad situation while in your vehicle.

Being ready to handle events like traffic jams, spin-outs, flat tires, break downs, and getting stuck in the snow will prevent you from succumbing to one of the quickest killers - exposure. Depending on what specifically happens will determine if you need to hunker down and stay overnight in the car or abandon it and walk to safety.

🔺Action Items

Assemble a "Winter Weather Readiness Kit" for your vehicle. The list of potential situations in your mission debrief is not comprehensive. Geographic region and weather patterns should be taken into consideration. Prepare for what's most likely in your area.

A few things not mentioned in the kit contents above are:

❄️ Candles & a Coffee Can (to burn them in, for fire prevention) - Be sure to allow proper ventilation for Carbon Monoxide.

❄️ Fire Extinguisher - This is self explanatory.

❄️ Hand Winch - If your vehicle doesn't have one, a handheld unit can be a saving grace. See Tekton Power Puller as an example.

❄️ Hi-Vis/Reflective Trail Marking Tape - Can be tied around your antenna to signal the need for rescue.

Other key points for prevention:

1. Keep your tank topped off, once you hit 3/4 tank, it's time for a refill.

2. Maintain your vehicle properly, oil changes, tire pressure & rotations, battery, etc...

3. Know the basics - how to jump a car & change a tire.

4. Don't drive like an idiot - go slower if inclement weather conditions warrant it.

5. Make sure essentials are accessible from the passenger compartment in case the trunk is frozen shut.

6. If you must leave the vehicle, leave a note with your information and where you're heading for rescue crews.

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