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ZDS Weekly Preparedness Mission

Assignment RR20.09.05


⚠️ Codename: Stay hydrated ⚠️



3 days without water will kill a person. This mission is meant to be an exercise that will not only result in making you more informed about your current water inventory, but also increase your ability to produce safe drinking water, and increase your water storage.

🔺Action Items

Spend some time researching different contaminants that make water unsafe to drink or use. This would include biological/microbial contaminants like bacteria, protozoa/parasites, viruses, fungi and organic toxins. It's also common to find chemicals like heavy metals, minerals, solvents, nitrites, pesticides, petrochemicals, salts, radioactive particles, hormones, pharmaceuticals, etc... Additionally, there are physical contaminants such as particulates/sediment, dust, garbage, fecal matter, etc.


✅ Identify areas near your home, workplace or along your bug out routes when you can obtain water whether natural or man-made IE. springs, creeks/rivers, lakes/ponds, well, spout/spicket, pool, water tank, etc.


✅ Learn methodologies of water filtration. This includes what type of filter is required to remove certain types of contaminants (especially those common to your area). Your top priority is to learn how to build a makeshift filter in the field.


✅ Study different chemical treatment methods. This can include, but is not limited to Chlorine, Iodine, or Bleach.


✅ Memorize the amount of time required to boil water based on your elevation. Yes, it differs due to changes in water's boiling temp the higher up you go.


✅ Consider introducing alternative solutions for making water safe like UV treatment, distillation, ionization, etc.


✅ Understand the limitations of each treatment option so you know when 2 or more purification methods will be necessary to truly make water safe.


✅ Slowly increase your water inventory. Purchase 1 case of water for each person in your family. Continue this process weekly until you have at least 6 cases per person. Rotate these out regularly.


✅ Design a long term plan like rainwater harvesting or high volume storage (55 gal drums).

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